Standard Tapered Edge Plasterboard 12.5 x 1200 x 2400mm

Product Code: B3900390

Brand: Gtec

Manu Code: 90579

Standard Tapered Edge Plasterboard 12.5 x 1200 x 2400mm

Product Code: B3900390

Brand: Gtec

Manu Code: 90579

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£7.17 Ex VAT per sheet £8.60 Inc VAT per sheet

Standard Tapered Edge Plasterboard 12.5x1200x2400mm

GTEC Standard plasterboard is a gypsum board for partitions, linings and ceilings where normal fire, structural and acoustic levels are specified. Tapered edge boards for taping and jointing to obtain a flush finish or for a single coat gypsum plaster finish, a simple, lightweight and cost-effective board

Is suitable for use as a general drylining board. The board is coloured ivory on the front and grey on the back with tapers down the long edge. The board is made of calcium sulphate di-hydrate enclosed inside a tough paper with bound edges and bonded with starch and PVA glue. Able to be jointed and completed with GTEC Jointing Systems.

Has a high purity gypsum core between two high-quality paper liners. The ivory face is suitable for taping and jointing. The ivory face can also be used for direct gypsum plaster applications.

  • Standards: BS EN 520 Type A (formerly BS 1230 Type 1)

  • Composition: Aerated calcium sulphate dihydrate enclosed inside a tough paper with bound edges. Core and papers bonded with starch and PVA edge glue

  • Reaction to fire: Euroclass A2-s1, d0

  • Finishing: GTEC Standard Board can be jointed and finished with the GTEC Joining Systems. The boards require priming with GTEC Universal Sealer prior to decorating.

What size is a standard plasterboard?

Plasterboard generally comes in 1200mm wide sheets, created to suit the standard 600mm stud spacing used in housing today.

What thickness plasterboard to use?

There are 2 thicknesses of plasterboard. 9.5mm and 12.5mm. If using 12.5mm the studs must be installed no further apart than 600mm, if using 9.5mm then 400mm is the maximum (if using plasterboard on a ceiling always use 12.5mm so that it does not sag).

Can you paint straight onto plasterboard?

Most new houses these days are not plastered internally. The stud partition walls, and often the inside faces of the outside walls too, are lined with plasterboard, but this is not skimmed with plaster. The paper covering of the plasterboard is the only finish, and paint or wallpaper is administered directly to it.

What is the difference between plasterboard and WallBoard?

Gypsum board and plasterboard are panel products utilised in building construction to finish interior walls and ceilings. These panels are also referred to as wallboard, sheetrock or drywall, but all of these names refer to the same material. Plasterboard and gypsum board are terms that refer to the same material.


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