Plasterboard Vapour Square Edge 12.5 x 1200 x 2400mm

Product Code: B3900393

Brand: Gtec

Manu Code: 90672

Plasterboard Vapour Square Edge 12.5 x 1200 x 2400mm

Product Code: B3900393

Brand: Gtec

Manu Code: 90672

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£11.81 Ex VAT per sheet £14.17 Inc VAT per sheet

Product Overview

Plasterboard Vapour Square Edge 12.5x1200x2400mm

Plasterboard vapour square edge is specially crafted with a polyester foil that is metallic in nature. Plasterboard vapour square edge is specially laminated with a metallised polyester layer in order to effectively block moisture and water vapour.

With a laminated back, consisting of grey paper and square edge finish, the vapour plasterboard gives an extremely smooth finish. This quality makes the plasterboard extremely useful in moisture diffusion and it has proven to function effectively as a vapour barrier whether used to line walls externally or used on rooftops. The plasterboard vapour is suitable for use on roofs and walls, externally.

Product Features

  • Made in compliance with the BS1230 of Part 1 1985.

  • Metallised polyester backing controls water vapour – reduces the risk of condensation damage where cool and warm air meet

  • Provides dry lining and vapour control in one application – enables faster project completion times

  • Score and snap to cleanly cut - leave clean edges and straight lines for quick installation

  • Ivory paper front facing – easy to identify plasterboard specification

  • Score & snap

  • Silver Metallised Polyster Film Back Liner

What is Vapour plasterboard?

Standard gypsum plasterboard, lined with a vapour control layer. backed with a vapour control membrane, used for wall and ceiling linings where vapour control and a plasterboard lining are both necessary.

What is moisture resistant plasterboard?

This plasterboard is specifically intended to permit moist and humid conditions. Its silicone additives with its water-repellent liners further accomplish a result that is perfect for use in, bathrooms and kitchens where levels of humidity are significantly higher.

What is foil backed plasterboard used for?

Foil Backed Plasterboard employs a thin foil backing to give excellent vapour resistance. The foil acts as a strong barrier that restricts moisture diffusion and limits creeping damp.

What is a Vapour barrier membrane?

A vapour barrier (or vapor barrier) is any material applied for damp proofing, typically a plastic or foil sheet, that resists dispersion of moisture into the wall, floor, ceiling, or roof assemblies of structures to prevent condensation and of packaging.

What does a Vapour control layer do?

Condensation is produced when warm moist air rises and condenses into a liquid on contact with the cooler surfaces above the insulation. The idea behind a vapour control layer is to install it on the room side of the insulation so it prevents the passage of warm moist air entering the structure.

Is plaster a vapour barrier?

Old residences with plaster walls have no vapour barrier under the plaster to stop moist air from saturating the insulation. Alternatively, plaster walls are designed to allow the free exchange of air and precipitation. The moisture can enter the outside sheathing and wood siding, often causing lasting exterior paint failure.

Do you need a vapour barrier on interior walls?

The vapour barrier should be on the "inside" (among the insulation and drywall). There is no need to vapour barrier the non-exterior walls


1,200.00 mm
2,400.00 mm
12.50 mm
24.03 Kg

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