Plasterboard Sound Check Tapered Edge 12.5 x 1200 x 2400mm

Product Code: GB210120

Brand: Gtec

Manu Code: 90345

Plasterboard Sound Check Tapered Edge 12.5 x 1200 x 2400mm

Product Code: GB210120

Brand: Gtec

Manu Code: 90345

£14.79 Ex VAT per sheet £17.75 Inc VAT per sheet
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£14.79 Ex VAT per sheet £17.75 Inc VAT per sheet

Plasterboard Sound Check Tapered Edge 12.5x1200x2400mm

Also known as the GTEC dB Board, the plasterboard sound check tapered edges are wallboards that are an extremely heavy duty and meant for giving an acoustic performance of a superior quality. With a core consisting of pure, high-density gypsum, the tapered face of the board consists of paper liners of a high quality. Suitable for use with the help of seamless joints, these can be used in when you want to apply gypsum plasters as well. Plasterboard sound checks tapered edge are also suited for installation with the help of stud partitions, ceilings and lining systems that require acoustic performance of a superior quality. Rigorous testing has successfully showcased that this plasterboard is more than capable of insulation sound. Used in conjunction with mineral wood, it can create an exceptionally well-soundproofed room.

Product Features:

  • Width: 1,200mm

  • Length: 2,400mm

  • Thickness: 13mm

  • Weight: 34Kg

  • Superior acoustic performance providing up to 49db sound insulation

  • Meets and exceeds Part E Building Regulations (Acoustic)

  • Suitable for Stud Partitions, Lining Systems and Ceiling Systems

What is dB plasterboard

GTEC dB Board is a plasterboard with excellent acoustic performance suitable for installation with stud partitions, lining systems and ceilings that require superior acoustic performance.

Is Plasterboard good for soundproofing

12.5mm acoustic plasterboard can be used to decrease noise frequency through walls and ceilings. We would recommend that this board should be used in combination with other products to achieve the highest levels of soundproofing. This plasterboard will only reduce minimal noise levels on its own.

To Soundproof or use Acoustic Sound Insulation on a stud or solid wall you need to consider:

Check the walls for any gaps or exposed points and use an acoustic sealant to seal any gaps. Soundproofing will only be as good as the weakest point.

Improve the mass of the wall, normally obtained by adding high mass/density products.

Add GTec dB Board acoustic insulation between the timber battens to eliminate any sound reverberation (STUD WALL ONLY).

Use different materials of high mass. Different materials perform better for different sound frequencies so using a combination of high mass materials will perform better than simply using more of the same material.



1,200.00 mm
2,400.00 mm
12.50 mm
34.17 Kg

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