Planed Hardwood Timber 50 x 150mm Nom 45 x 145mm Fin

Product Code: T8200193

Brand: Ridgeons

Planed Hardwood Timber 50 x 150mm Nom 45 x 145mm Fin

Product Code: T8200193

Brand: Ridgeons

£28.74 Ex VAT per metre £34.49 Inc VAT per metre
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£28.74 Ex VAT per metre £34.49 Inc VAT per metre

Planed Hardwood Timber (Red Grandis) 50x150mm FSC 100% - TT-COC-001741

The extremely durable planed Red Grandis hardwood is of high quality and available in a variety of shades from light tan to deep brown and biscuit shades in between. The shades are a result of the different stages of heartwood while you will also find distinct bands marking early and latewood in the planed hardwood. This wood will add a whole new level of beauty to all the structures constructed from it. The rays and growth rings when quarter sawn also present a silver grain look, which is even more aesthetically pleasing.

Red Grandis is a straight grained hardwood timber with few knots and is also known as Eucalyptus Grandis, Rose Gum or Flooded Gum. Can be treated but with a durability rating of 2 (BS EN 350 timber durability class), it can be left to naturally age.

Due to its density, Red Grandis machines well and takes finishes superbly.

Typical uses for this timber are windows, doors, conservatories, and all aspects of external applications. It is particularly well suited to large items such as door frames as it comes in long engineered lengths so it is less likely to bow and warp; this, in turn, reduces the need to overlap and finger joint frames.

Product Features

  • Dimensions 45x145mm

  • Straight Grained Hardwood

  • Use it for furniture and cabinet making

  • It can also be ideal when making structures, such as church pews and pulpits

  • Parquet and other kinds of flooring can also be attempted with this kind of wood

  • Easily Stained or Painted

  • FSC 100% Certified

  • TT-COC-001741


150.00 mm
50.00 mm
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