Micafil Vermiculite Insulation 100 Litre Bag

Product Code: B3300027

Micafil Vermiculite Insulation 100 Litre Bag

Product Code: B3300027

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£28.65 Ex VAT per bag £34.38 Inc VAT per bag

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Micafil Vermiculite Insulation 100 Litre Bag

Micafel Vermiculite is a natural mineral which takes extra heated environment to disperse into aerated particles, packaged in bags for different uses pertaining to construction. These particles are 90% air by volume and the fact that vermiculite has free running property makes it very easy to be installed without much hassle.

All that has to be done is pour Micafil Vermiculite Insulation bag over the desired area and let the particles flow their way towards the potential heat loss areas which need to be covered. The entire loft floor could be covered with the effective Micafil Vermiculite insulation so it could continuously trap heat in an appropriate manner.

Micafil Vermiculite is a fibre free option for your household as well as commercial construction, the non-irritant properties make it an ideal choice to be opted for any use and in any circumstances. It is also fireproof thus making it a safe choice and one you could count on. It is a wonderful option to be installed for thermal insulation in lofts, pipe protection, between floors and into interior cavity walls, given that it is free flowing and easy to use for installation. Pairing Micafil Vermiculite with cement will result in a lightweight concrete, a splendid choice for roof, chimney flues, pipe work linings and floor screeds.

The versatile properties of Micafil Vermiculite extend to the following as well:
a) Loft insulation (one of the prime functions)
b) Protective packaging
c) Controls Oil or general spillage
d) Perfect filling for Wall Cavity
e) Fish bait storage
f) Laying patio slabs
g) Fruit and bulb storage
h) Base for Barbecue
I) An ideal Swimming Pool Liner (Safe and durable)
j) Compost additive (improves water retention in tubs and hanging baskets)


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