Towel warmers/radiators are becoming essential bathroom fixtures. More attractive than traditional bathroom radiators, heated towel rails add comfort, style and a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

There is now an amazing range of different styles (ultra modern, modern and traditional) with a wide selection of sizes and choice of finishes. When choosing your favoured design you will need to think carefully about:

  • The space you have available for your rail
  • The size you need it to be (i.e. how many towels do you want to keep on it?)
  • If you need to match the style to any other accessories that are currently in your bathroom

Designed to be plumbed in to your central heating system in the same way as a radiator, heated towel rails also offer two installation options.


Dual Fuel Option

The towel rail can be installed with an electrical heating element that fits inside one of the vertical rails. Special radiator valves are used which enable the radiator to be isolated from the heating system and warmed using the electric element. This is very useful in summer months when your heating may be off, allowing you to dry your towels without having to heat the whole house by turning all of your radiators on.


Oil Filled Option

With this option the towel rail is not connected to your heating system, and is heated by electricity alone. The towel rail is factory fitted with a heating element and filled with special oil and is ready for connection to your electricity supply.