Shower enclosures are fast becoming one of the biggest bathroom decisions. With so many styles to choose from you are sure to find something to suit your lifestyles, taste and budget. From space saver designs for smaller cloakrooms, to luxurious walk-ins, our guide to shower enclosures will help you decide what’s best for you.

Make sure you choose a style that makes the most of your space. Consider the shower’s position in the room, accessibility issues and the total bathroom area.

1. Pivot/Hinged

With outward opening doors, pivot or hinged doors give maximum access to the shower enclosure. A pivot or hinged door can be used on its own or in conjunction with side panels to suit your exact bathroom layout. Pivot Doors take up less external space when opened due to the offset opening, which allows for other bathroom furniture

2. Bi-Fold

Perfect for smaller bathrooms or en-suites where space is at a premium, bi-fold doors open inwards and do not encroach on bathroom space. Side panels can be added to suit your exact bathroom layout.

3. Sliding

Simple in design, sliding doors glide to one side providing maximum and easy access without encroaching onto the space inside or outside of the enclosure. Panels can be added to suit your exact bathroom layout. Recommended where space is limited.

4. Quadrant

Fitting neatly into corners, quadrant enclosures featured rounded doors which open around the shower surround to give maximum access and optimise space. You can choose between side or central opening doors to suit your space and bow fronted versions are available for situations where you have space to space in the centre of the room. Ideal when space is at a premium.

5. Pentagon

Pentagon enclosures are specifically designed to make the most of corner spaces offering a stylish design which opens into the enclosure so doesn’t encroach on the external space.

6. Walk-in

Walk-in enclosures offer a modern but simple designs which incorporate separate drying areas within the enclosure. Walk-ins offer easy access to all user groups, eliminating doors and handles. The step-up into the enclosure is also generally eliminated as they are usually installed straight to floor or to a level access tray.

7. Wet Rooms

If you are looking to install a spa-like showering solution, wetrooms are the ideal product. Wetroom panels are available in a wide range of sizing options to suit a variety of different spaces. They offer doorl-ess entry and level access, making them perfect for the whole family no matter what the age or ability.

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