Very often one of the smallest rooms in the house but certainly not one that should be forgotten about. The cloakroom is usually the toilet that is used the most and the one that guests will use when they come to visit, so it’s well worth making the best of the different styles and space you have available.

Strong simple lines provide a contemporary look with WCs and basins available in a range of sizes making them suitable for even the smallest of rooms.

Having a basin set into a unit provides that ever so needed storage that we’re always short of these days, and who wants to see the spare toilet roll sitting on the floor!

Back to wall pottery solutions are becoming increasingly more popular as homeowners look to create a sleek and stylish bathroom. This modern toilet is installed with a cistern base cabinet where all of the cistern fittings are concealed, giving the toilet a modern and fitted look and your bathroom a clean contemporary feel.

To fit a back to wall solution you will need a back to wall pan, back to wall cistern (including cistern fittings), cistern base cabinet, toilet seat. And don’t be put off by the worry as how they might fit in an existing bathroom many cistern base cabinets can be matched to existing bathroom furniture.

Units are available in wood and gloss finishes, wall or floor mounted. Having items wall mounted gives the impression that the room is slightly bigger as you can see more of the floor area; this makes it much easier to clean underneath too.

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