Your bathroom should be a peaceful and relaxing place. Having a bathroom which is comfortable and pleasant to use can leave a lasting impression on anyone who enters.

Choosing the perfect suite is all about personality and functionality, so it’s important that you choose one that suits your own tastes and your lifestyle.

Whether you prefer modern and minimalist, family functional with little fuss or traditional decadence with up to the minute design, we can help you plan a better bathroom to meet all your needs.

Purchasing a complete bathroom suite is easy and practical, reducing the complexities of coordinating style, colour and size. And it can save you some pennies too.

raditionally a bathroom suite consists of a wash basin, toilet and bath but there are many optional extras to include such as shower enclosures, bidets, dual wash basins, cabinets and mirrors.

Through this section of the catalogue you will find a clear guide on the items you can expect to be included in each suite’s price. We hope this will help you to make easy comparisons and find the suite that best fits your needs and budget. Alternatively you can select individual items to create the bathroom thats perfect for you.

Whilst it’s important that you find a bathroom to suit your style and practical needs, remember the bathroom often remains a key selling point for future buyers. So for instance, adding a splash of colour might be down to a matter of personal taste but you should maybe think twice before selecting exotic colours or exaggerated shapes.

Colours come and go in fashion so not only may you get bored with them in a short space of time, but an eccentric colour may not work in your favour when trying to sell your house in years to come. Choosing a neutral colour suite will suit the tastes of many people and will almost guarantee that you will be able to find a suitable replacement for any item in future.

The size of each component in your bathroom suite can vary greatly so it’s important to evaluate how your bathroom suite will fit in the space you have available and where exactly each component will be placed. And don’t forget to check that the size of the various pieces will not only fit in the bathroom but will allow you to manoeuver each piece into and through the home – you may need to move the pieces around corners on the stairway or through awkwardly positioned doorways.

Request a free design of your bathroom at our Cambridge Showroom or Bury St Edmunds Showroom.