Getting your bathroom organised is easy with our range of functional yet fashionable accessories. Consider all the options from the important lighting and mirrors to towel rails and rings, shelves, tumbler holders, soap dishes/dispensers and robe hooks. Even toilet roll holders and toilet brushes have a part to play in adding the final touches to your bathroom.


Adding colour

Take into account the natural light of the room if choosing decorative colour as you want to avoid the room being too dark or cold. Team white fixtures with bold colour schemes to make your bathroom distinctive. Choose curtains and wallpaper which incorporate the colour scheme of your fittings and use an all-over pattern or the same colour for walls, ceiling, flooring and curtaining to integrate the room.



Mirrors or mirror tiles make a small bathroom look bigger. Only use mirrors specifically sold for use in bathrooms, as other mirrors may quickly become damaged by the inevitable condensation. There is now a wide range of mirrors to choose from, such as de-misting panels, LED illuminated and back-lit mirrors and magnifying mirrors.



Bathroom lighting is one of the most integral parts of getting your bathroom right. With perfect lighting you can set the mood you want in your bathroom come day or night. There is now a wide range of wall and ceiling light designs that can help you create the ideal look and feel, but great care needs to be taken as the regulations are strict concerning the type of light you can use in your bathroom.

We can help you find the best solution, offering peace of mind in making your choices to meet current IP44 bathroom lighting regulations.

Lighting tip – Consider the reuse of daylight and how it could complement the electrical light to create a brighter bathroom during the daytime.