Baths come in many shapes and sizes so choose carefully to fit the shape and size of your bathroom. When you start planning your bathroom, measure the space and experiment with a floor plan, positioning the bath and other key items, until you’re happy you have the best layout.



Consider different bath shapes and sizes and how well they will fit within your available space:

  • A straight bath is the perfect solution for most bathrooms, fitting neatly down one side of your room. They come in different sizes too, so there’s room for even the longest legs!
  • If you have a small or unusually shaped space why not consider a corner bath, which can offer the same relaxing bath benefits but takes up less floor space
  • If you prefer to combine a shower with your bath to save space or simply because you prefer to bathe that way, then a showerbath, with curved shower end is a really attractive and stylish option
  • For an authentic or retro style, look at the range of freestanding baths, with traditional roll-tops, that are available

Baths can be made from moulded acrylic or steel coated with porcelain enamel or Idealcast.