British Gypsum Glasroc Multi Board 6 x 1200 x 2400mm

Product Code: B4900045

Brand: British Gypsum

British Gypsum Glasroc Multi Board 6 x 1200 x 2400mm

Product Code: B4900045

Brand: British Gypsum

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£35.99 Ex VAT per sheet £43.19 Inc VAT per sheet

Product Overview

British Gypsum Glasroc Multi-Board 6x1200x2400mm

Glasroc F multi-board consists of gypsum incorporating a tissue of glass fibre immediately below the surface of the board. The core is reinforced with glass fibre rovings. Glassroc Multiboard is a highly versatile, Class 0, non-combustible glass reinforced gypsum board. The non-combustibility of gypsum and the reinforcement of glass fibre combine to produce a strong and resilient product, which has resistance to sag and offers excellent fire protection. Suitable for constructing all forms of partition and ceilings, including curved applications, giving high levels of fire and impact protection. Also offers increased levels of moisture performance and can be used in semi-exposed situations such as eaves, canopies and carport under-linings.

Features & Benefits:

  • 6mm Glasroc Multiboard can curve to a radius of 600mm

  • After the joint treatment has dried, decoration, including any decorator’s preparatory work, should follow with the minimum delay

  • Extra value can be added to many kinds of jobs by creating curved partitions

  • Glasroc multi-board is non-combustible, and depending on which thickness you choose, it can give up to 120 minutes fire resistance when building in a fire-rated partition

  • Offers quick and simple installation, and measurable performance for maximum protection and safety

  • Glassroc multi-board is a tough board, so it helps to resist cracking, shattering and denting in busy areas

  • Can be used to contribute to the sound insulation of many constructional elements

  • The high moisture resistance in glasroc multi-board means it can be used both indoors and semi-exposed area

  • The smooth face of Glasroc F multi-board can be plastered with either Thistle Board Finish, Thistle Multi-Finish or Thistle Durafinish. There should be a minimum of delay between completion of the lining and the commencement of plastering

  • Thermal Conductivity 0.30W/mK

  • Glasroc F multi-board is unsuitable for use in areas subject to continuously damp or humid conditions and must not be used to isolate dampness


  • Corresponds to EN 15283-1

  • Certified as conforming with ISO 9001: 2000


British Gypsum
1,200.00 mm
2,400.00 mm
6.00 mm
8.50 Kg

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