New Landscaping Display at Ridgeons Sudbury

Ridgeons, the East of England’s largest independent timber and builders’ merchants, has had a real focus on our Landscaping category this year.

Our Sudbury branch has always had a large open display of landscaping products, something on which it has built a great reputation.  The display, which measures 11m x 41m, has had a number of updates to it over the years, keeping it updated since winning another coveted award in 2008.  However, we felt that we needed to start afresh with the display and have a brand-new design of which we are super excited and proud to show off to our customers.

One of our Group missions is to support other local companies in the region as much as possible, which is why we chose local garden designer, Rebecca Wallman, to help design the new Hard Landscaping display. We also link this service to our customers, so they can benefit if they need help in seeing patio and garden designs from the outset. Plantsmith Design and Horticulture, based in Clacton-on-Sea, helped with the planting on the display, again with the view that customers can benefit from their services to create and bring their gardens to life.

Ridgeons Sudbury also chose the award-winning Planet 14 landscapes for installation of their hard landscaping. They are a local based contractor, from Tendring, Essex, who are registered with Marshalls as one of their listed installers.

Construction of the display took around five months to complete, however it wasn’t without a series of challenges. ‘The Beast from the East’ heavily impacted upon the construction, while the display area was also on a slight slope between the branch and a warehouse. We had to overcome the slope and try to incorporate this restriction as much as possible, whilst also making sure that the display was approachable from three entrances.

Our display uses some of the latest offerings to the market for the display, using one of the biggest suppliers of decorative paving in the UK, Marshalls, as well as Stonemarket, a UK leading UK manufacturer of patio paving, garden walling and driveway block paving. Some of the premier products on display from Marshalls are new and have only been seen for the first time in some cases on our display.

The products showcase modern and contemporary, as well as traditional styles of walling and patio flooring and slabs. We’ve recognised customer demand for artificial grass, so we have this on display with products from Namgrass, while modern, high-end fencing has been supplied by Grange.

Along with our expanded range on display, we carry nearly £2,000,000 worth of stock within the branch network. Our delivery fleet is well equipped to cope with the increases that we have seen in stocked product and sales, and we expect there to be around £150,000-£200,000 of additional stock value.

Landscaping products are available to view online.

Or view our stunning aerial video

The landscaping display, has boosted sales in this category. In its first month after completion, sales in both Marshalls and Stonemarket products saw an increase of 25%. Our customers have also praised our display, as we have improved their user experience by creating a refreshed and inspirational display, with more choice as we have expanded our stock range. We also have an end-to-end service through a referral system to the designers and landscapers who helped us create our display.

Here is what our customers and Sudbury Branch Manager have to say:

“Looks great, very inviting to get other customers in” – Graham Flinn

“Spectacular looking display, I went with the Knot Wood Birch and I now love my garden especially with the Copper Slate Walling” – Mrs Row

“Colourful display, lovely looking plants, makes a hard choice of what I want in my garden” – Miss Carson

“Looks amazing, the plants make it stand out even more” – Mr Smith

“With the huge investment put into the display, the breadth of product, quality of product, the real care and attention put into the installation and the pocket garden design that really brings the product to life for the customer are the things that really make the Sudbury display stand out from the crowd!” Phil Yearling, Branch Manager, Sudbury

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