Birch Plywood BB Ext 12 x 2440 x 1220mm CE2+ FSC

Product Code: S7300028

Brand: Ridgeons

Birch Plywood BB Ext 12 x 2440 x 1220mm CE2+ FSC

Product Code: S7300028

Brand: Ridgeons

£68.14 Ex VAT each £81.77 Inc VAT each
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£68.14 Ex VAT each £81.77 Inc VAT each

Birch Plywood BB Ext 12x2440x1220mm CE2+ FSC Mix Credit - TT-COC-001741

Birch species are frequently small to medium-sized trees. The bark of all birches is characteristically identified with long, horizontal lenticels. Characteristic colours give the familiar names grey, white, black, silver and yellow birch to different species. Birch is a domestic timber reported to be full of natural waxes that render it waterproof. Bending strength in the air-dry condition is very high. Compression strength parallel to grain in the air-dry condition is high. Hardness is rated as medium, and the wood is heavy.

A straight-grained wood with fine even texture. Heavy and very strong. Plywood panels are assembled of at least three thin layers (or plies) of wood, bonded together with a suitable adhesive. Each layer is usually orientated at a right angle to its adjacent layer, which makes even some lightweight panels suitable for challenging applications. Birch Plywood BB Ext is consistent pale in colour and offers E1 low emission, which makes it ideal for quality components or joinery. The Plywood Sheets have been certified for structural use in accordance with EN 13986 and have the extremely good strength to weight ratio.

Plywood is strong, durable and easy to work with, being easy to handle, making it an excellent general-purpose construction panel. Because the wood is bound together using water-resistant glues, it is best suited for outdoor construction. It is the most common bonding type of plywood available.

Product features

  • E1 low emission

  • Service class complies to EN 636/2

  • Glue complies to EN 314/2

  • FSC certified

  • Ideal for construction use

  • Suitable for paint and varnish


1,220.00 mm
2,440.00 mm
12.00 mm
24.28 Kg
FSC Mix Credit
Chain of Custody

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